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Free Webinar Series

Capstone is proud to host a three-part leadership series with key education leaders in the field. Content is focused, in particular, on the upper elementary classrooms in grades 3-6.

Building a Strong Foundation for Launch

The digital rich classroom has many moving parts that pull us in and out of presence in our role of both teacher and learner. Understanding the challenges that can accompany a technology infused classroom is vital to equipping educators with key strategies for facilitating teaching and learning in this landscape. Hear successes from the field on incorporating foundational principles for mentoring not monitoring students, establishing routines and common language and building the culture and community in your classroom to make devices bridges and not barriers as you explore the digital landscape in your schools.

October 6 at 3:00 pm, CST
Omaha Public Schools

Rob Dickson, Executive Director of IMS and
Keegan Korf, Lead Teacher of Digital Citizenship

Elevating Literacy Instruction in a
Student-centered Classroom

Pairing intentional technology integration with best practices in literacy allows educators to differentiate content and instruction, develop healthy skeptics, and inspire students to demonstrate understanding through multimodal creations. Under the umbrella of a Balanced Literacy Framework, educators will zoom in on components and learn technology tools, and resources to support instruction and lesson design in a student-centered classroom.

October 25 at 3:00 pm, CST
Shaelynn Farnsworth
Education Services Consultant, AEA267

Return on Learning [ROL] ~ Rejuvenating Possibilities for Learners

What are we pretending NOT to know? The accelerated pathways of technology advancements in our lives excite us, scare us, maybe even swamp us, at times; but nevertheless, technology tools and media-based learning keep changing the culture and kinds of stories possible for learners, today. You’re invited to join fellow educators answering the urgent calling of harvesting new stories of learning fueled by technology tools. Whether participants are already seasoned technology users or just getting started — let’s ensure that the new learning stories are about headware, NOT the hardware. What choices will provide the HIGHEST value [Return on Learning – ROL] for the time invested? What needs to be considered when beginning or continuing the journey? Practical getting-started strategies, frameworks for continuing learning-based technology uses along with high-ROL options that unleash a new kind of freedom for teachers will be explored. Questions will be gathered before the webinar to direct the content and discussions.

November 22 at 3:00 pm, CST
Bernajean Porter
Author, Digital Educator, and Virtual Instructor

This panel discussion will be recorded. If you register and miss the live discussion,
we’ll send you a link to view it online.