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1/5/2017 – eSchool News
Educators: The lessons we learned in 2016
5 educators reveal their most inspiring takeaways of 2016 and the technologies they’re most excited about.
“Despite my apprehension, I tried a new online tool called pivotEd this year, which changed my thoughts on learner collaboration and assessment, because I could monitor each learner’s experience and connect in real time with each of them as they navigated through an assignment. A double bonus with pivotEd was that students could sign in through their Google accounts. My learners loved using it too, which made my job even easier! This web-based program was just what I needed to safely step out of my comfort zone and successfully have my learners collaborate.”
Malissa Etie, Third-grade Teacher, St. Catherine School, San Jose, CA

11/29/2016 – SmartBrief
Make devices your classroom ally

In today’s one-to-one settings, some teachers feel they’ve lost control over their lessons because students are more engaged in their devices than in what the teacher is saying. I use pivotEd, from Capstone, to lead lessons and interact with students through their devices. The platform also lets students collaborate on work and provide feedback to one another.

11/4/2016 – The Ed Tech Round Up
pivotEd: Over 500 Pre-Built Reading and ELA Lessons for Grades 3-6

Specifically built for grades 3-6, pivotEd is aligned with CCSS, NGSS, and other standards. The resource is meant to be used to help build collaboration and communication skills for students, and it does an excellent job at achieving that goal.

11/1/2016 – Education Dive
Should formative assessment be spared from testing resistance?

Summative assessments provide more data for administrators and policymakers, while formative assessments are for teachers. These often informal check-ins help teachers understand whether students have actually understood their lessons.

10/31/2016 – eSchool News
Teachers share formative assessment strategies that work
Real-time observation and feedback tools help teachers snapshot student learning
Today’s students have too many tests to take — but today’s teachers still need insight into their classes’ knowledge and skills. Adding new tests every time students need to prove mastery rarely seems like the right answer. For some classrooms, the solution lies in formative assessments, which gauge their students’ understanding and personalize their lessons in real time.

10/27/2016 – TECH&LEARNING

Capstone has released pivotEd, its newest digital content offering that includes more than 500 pre-built science, social studies, and language arts lessons for students in grades 3–6.

10/17/2016 – the Learning Counsel
App of the Week — pivotEd supports teacher-led instruction and allows students to explore and share ideas

pivotEd provides more than 200 ebooks and 500 ready-made lessons in science, social studies, and language arts for grades 3-6. The platform allows for whole-class collaboration involving all students and the teacher.

10/5/2016 – eSchool News
Marketplace trend update: 6 ed-tech developments
Don’t miss this recap of the latest product news, reports, and research in the ed-tech world
pivotEd’s webinar series, “Structures for Success: Accelerate Learning in the Digital Rich Classroom,” highlights practical strategies for administrators to integrate technology into upper elementary classrooms while supporting instruction and creating a bridge to fuller understanding.

10/11/2016 – pivotEd
pivotEd for the New School Year

By combining Capstone’s collection of award-winning content with a wide variety of pre-built lessons, pivotEd puts teachers — not technology — in control of lessons and allows them to truly take advantage of 1:1 devices.

9/28/2016 – pivotEd
Capstone Launches Webinar Series on Integrating Technology into Upper Elementary Classrooms
Capstone’s pivotEd offers an online professional development series featuring digital learning thought leaders
pivotEd, Capstone’s newest digital curriculum offering, is proud to announce its free, three-part leadership webinar series, “Structures for Success: Accelerate Learning in the Digital Rich Classroom.”

9/13/2016 – pivotEd
pivotEd Pairs Trusted Capstone Content with 500 Pre-built Lessons
The blended learning platform, built for 1:1 settings, incorporates literacy with science and social studies lessons
In time for the new school year, pivotEd, from Capstone, announces the launch of more than 500 pre-built science, social studies, and language arts lessons for students in grades 3-6.

What Makes 5th-Graders Dig Deeply into Texts?
An information and technology literacy specialist shares how a combination of digital and print resources helped him and his students
Fifth-graders can sometimes have a hard time discussing and reflecting on text-heavy content lessons. pivotEd provides a slick solution for 1:1 schools…to help students break out important aspects of text, reflect using a variety of mediums, and embed visual clues to help the learning process.

7/13/2016 – edtech digest
High on EdTech in the Mile High City
Listening, observing, and absorbing at ISTE 2016 in Denver
Capping It All Off — When providers site those goals as things they’ve embraced, and…prove to me that they’ve got folks onboard who fully comprehend all of this, so much so that I can accept them as ready to lead others in those directions, I walk away very encouraged.

6/28/2016 – SCHOLASTIC
Best of ISTE: Instant Lessons

It doesn’t matter if your school uses PCs, iPads or Androids because the Capstone lessons and content can be delivered across the board.


A pivotEd Learning Experience

Kelli Whiteside, Media Specialist, Deephaven Elementary, Minnetonka Public Schools (MN)
Lesson Used: Tall Tales
Here’s What We Did:
The students started by using their 1:1 devices to individually read a graphic novel featuring multiple Tall Tales. Using pivotEd, they used their devices to respond and interact with the text. Read more…
Why pivotEd Was the Perfect Fit:
Using devices and having the students discuss each other’s reactions got them away from what otherwise could have been a pretty isolated activity. Read more…

Dawn Nelson, School Library Media Specialist, Oak View Elementary (MN)
Lesson Used: Compare and Contrast: What’s Government?
Here’s What We Did:
I used this lesson to collaborate with the classroom teacher and introduce iPads in a third-grade class. The class was excited to incorporate iPads and pivotEd into their lesson on the three branches of government. Read more…
Why pivotEd Was the Perfect Fit:
With a tool like pivotEd, the quality questions are designed to provide answers that the teacher needs, and because they are built right into the instruction, they are easy to implement. Read more…

Malissa Etie, 3rd-grade Educator, St. Catherine School, Diocese of San José (CA)
Lesson Used: Compare and Contrast: What’s Government?
Here’s What We Did:
I started the lesson by asking students to independently read a passage from their textbook on different branches of the government. Using pivotEd, I put them into groups and asked them to navigate through the experience. Read more…
Why pivotEd Was the Perfect Fit:
Once I got started, I realized pivotEd created a welcoming and collaborative learning environment for my students. Read more…

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